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LASSO's specialty is the analysis of general problems of strength by applying the Finite Element Method (FEM). The linear and nonlinear FEM offer a large spectrum of algorithms for treating different aspects of structural behaviour.

FEM-Analysis requires the following input data

  1. The geometrical description based on drawings or CAD-data
  2. Material data
  3. Kinematic boundary conditions
  4. Loading conditions

LASSO provides a quotation which includes a complete FEM-analysis. The amount of work required and the input data is determined in close partnership with the customer. The components of an FEM-analysis are divided into three parts: modelling, numerical analysis and documentation of results.

A written final report, including colour pictures, is delivered to the customer. Small animated movies can also be produced for presentation on a PC or a VCR. This report is also archived on CD-ROM, so there is permanent direct access to the data at the customer's site.