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Software Development

In addition to our own software system LARSTRAN - Shape, we also develop software surrounding the Finite Element Method.

The daily work on a project generally entails the addition of some software to specifically address the sequence of handling or to evaluate numerical results, which cannot be achieved using the standard software. The most common problem encountered with this comes from the particular formatting of different input/output data required when transferring them from different software types. For example, special software has been developed to transfer data from PAMCRASH-input to LS-Dyna-input.

Important software-tools are used to interpret the output data. For example we offer a tool showing bar element results in hexahedral form or a tool to show the cylinder deformation in a engine.

In reality, our experience has shown us that to perform accurate FEM analysis, many software tools are necessary for many different applications. Hence, if you are frustrated with spurious results from using the standard software packages, then LASSO may already have additional software developed that was used to analyse similar problems in the past.