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Besides the meshing tools ANSA also offers:

Cross-section calculation

ANSA calculates the many geometrical cross-sectional quantities as shape profiles. These include area, moments of inertia, principal axis of inertia, centre of gravity and the centre of shear. The position and orientation of the cross-sectional plane can also be defined graphically. The initial profile can be generated using CAD features, or may be extracted from a discrete structure.

Calculation of the volume of tanks

The characteristic filling of many shaped objects can be calculated. Position, filling and exhaust points can be set accordingly.

The program calculates several characteristic quantities of the tank:

  • The height of filling considering the volume.
  • Calculation of the level of filling according to different positions of the tank.
  • Calculation of certain regions of the tank that cannot be filled or exhausted due to the shape of the tank.
  • Animation of the filling and exhaust process.

Presentation tool

For a comprehensive display of your structure, a simple presentation tool is available to which text, headlines and visual elements like borders, lines and arrows can be added. The results can be saved as postscript, or in the RGB-format.