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Geometric functions

A contiguously connected CAD surface description is requisite for an effective mesh generation on these surfaces. In ANSA copious tools for generation and modification of surface geometries are available.

Other features include:


  • Automatic and manual functions to connect structural faces and for visual control of topology
  • Multiplex and simply handled CAD functions for generation of geometries.
    In addition to elementary functions to create line and face elements, complex functions are also available such as:
    • Offset of an arbitrary number of connected face elements
    • Generation of middle faces
    • Automatic reduction a roundness to the representation of its theoretical edges.
    • Support of all 2-D input data by temporary working planes
  • Automated tools for frequently needed tasks include
    • Removal of holes
    • Identification of flanges and preparation of the representation of these flanges
    • Selection of all fillets, whose radii remain under a user defined limit